char is on fire.

this is from the second half of the story.

the 1st half is in SPIDER’S PEE PAW #1 get it HERE.


a page from Secret of the Saucers

a comic about orfeo angelucci

by char esme

(via kinderfunk)

2011 Ben Mendelewicz

2011 Ben Mendelewicz

Ben Mendelewicz, 2012

2 pages from upcoming & ongoing series “GRINNERS”

page umm idk from secret house

Ben Mendelewicz 2012

Renaldo & the Loaf Promo Collages ‘79? 80’?

Ben Mendelewicz 2012


Page from the upcummin’ “Secret House Daddymom” 

reverse acrylic on acetate over collage.

Ben Mendelewicz 2012

(via mattymathews)

source: weaves

page 3 of still unfinished secret house daddymom

page 11

Dead Dork 2012 Comin atchya thanks hic-up man again for scanning my art. Someones gotta do it!



More wild stuff from Ben Mendelewicz that I picked up at Fresh Meat.

source: hicandhoc
source: reverendandroid